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From:  Cecelia Smith
Date:  Tue Mar 14, 2000  1:39 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting as a gateway?

Dear sweet Joe...

My my my, we are a tad bit cranky, aren't we.

So.. when you use these made up symbols to add the 's to Father, and you


How do you tell the person watching you that THIS time, the sign MINE means
MY and other times it means MINE?

You know that. You are just being stubborn because you goofed. And I'm not
letting you off the hook.

Signing stuff in English word order is not more English than speaking
Japanese words in English word order would make what was uttered Japanese.
It wouldn't be Japanese, and it wouldn't be English. And no one in their
right mind would say that it was. (that is of course making the rather wild
assumption that you are occasionally in your right mind <wicked grin> and
can think logically. )

You are guilty of fuzzy thinking my dear friend. And you know.. I still have
that quote of a statement you made to me once....

"I've never had brains."
Joe Martin
November, 1997

<giggle> Surely you aren't trying to prove the statement true?

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