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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Sep 6, 1998  8:39 pm
Subject:  Re: hello world

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Judy Kegl wrote:
>We just got back from Nicaragua yesterday with gobs of SignWriting data and
>projects galore for a peron interested in it (Nicaraguan Sign Language, of
>course). Contact us if you are interested. The latest SignWriting story
>produced was "Tailypo"--our first scary story. The kids love it. It's also
>translated in Creole English.
>--Judy Kegl

Welcome home Judy and James!

Perhaps some of the "gobs of SignWriting data" could be made available on
our SignWriting Web Site as a resource for others. I will be glad to post
it for you and we can talk about it later, when I catch my breath.

I recently received this email message (see below). It seems your story in
Nicaraguan Sign Language on our SignWriting Web Site has gotten notice...

Date: Fri, 04 Sep 1998 17:22:18 -0700
To: SignWriting List
From: ,
Subject: Your Work Honored by Kids' Website

Dear Valerie Sutton,

Your excellent site,

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie at

has been selected by the editors of,
The SuperSite for Kids.

The mission of is to provide access to a rich
selection of entertaining and educational works on the WWW,
that educators may use in the classroom and children
will learn from and enjoy.

The editors of chose your work because it
reflects these educational values. As part of this mission,
we are committed to socially responsible content, like the
portions of your work that we have reviewed and selected. currently presents the works of more
than 1200 individual authors at this address:

Please see for yourself how presents
these works as part of a fun, one-stop location
for kids. Please also read the description on
how operates (see below).

Thank you very much.


Lucy Rector
Managing Editor
The SuperSite for Kids


What Is
******************, the SuperSite for Kids - is a new service on the
World Wide Web, that is open, free of charge, to all visitors
at this WWW address:

Our funding will come from on-line advertiser sponsorships, much
like many other web publications that want to offer their content
free to visitors.

We are committed to socially responsible content: we evaluate
and hand-pick each work that presents within its
easy-to-use, kid-friendly environment.

Currently our visitors will find at selected works from
more than 1200 individual authors.


PS. Note from Valerie:
I visited their site and it is charming - many educational games that refer
to published works on the web. Our stories are not listed on their site
yet, because I just gave them permission. It will take a few days before
they are available. They also chose one other story from our web site,
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Valerie :-)


Visit the SignWritingSite:

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Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
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