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From:  Ronice M Quadros
Date:  Tue Sep 8, 1998  2:55 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Report 9/7/98

Hello my colleagues!

I am so glad to say that I really appreciate the
materials sent to me by Valeire Sutton in the last
week. As I mentioned before, I am participating in
the Literacy Project as a special case, since we
must to produce all materials in Brazilian Sign
Language. Valerie and I started to do this, but we
will need help from other people that sign this
language and know SW to make this process faster.

Also, I want let you know that I have been using SW to
write all relevant examples for the description of
Brazilian Sign language that I am doing as part of
my dissertation. It is amazing!!! It really helps to
see how the language is organized. I am also using
SW to transcribe the production of signs by children.
It has been fascinated! We can show how each sign and
sentence is produced.

Ronice Quadros

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