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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 9, 1998  7:44 pm
Subject:  Re: Texas School for the Deaf

>Hello Valerie,
> Yes, I am interested.. I am stuck because the books were only for
>the fourth
>graders... It is hard to try using them..
> Do you happen to have any second grade materials or books? Please
>let me know
>ab9ut it.. Smile..
> Thanks..

Christina Hamilton


I am so glad you wrote, Christina. Welcome to the SignWriting List, and to
the SW Literacy Project. I understand you recently got married....many

I did not realize that you were teaching second grade at Texas School for
the Deaf. I thought you were teaching fourth graders along with Vicki
Everhart, so I am glad to know this.

It is true that our materials are very new, and we do not know ourselves
how easy or how hard they are for children. We do not know if the fourth
grade is the right age for those books. I just guessed!

So let me ask you two questions...

1. Do you feel Reading Level 1 (the coloring book with the red spine) is
too difficult for your second graders?

2. Would you like more coloring books like that? I could design a
Cinderella coloring book if you would like.

No matter what, I think you should try the coloring book with your second
grade students. Find out how the students feel about it. You may be
surprised how fast they understand.

Kids learn SignWriting faster than adults - at least that is our experience :-)

If there is a specific sign you do not understand, find the page number and
ask me - I am more than glad to help. this moment we do not have any "easier books", but if you give me
feedback and suggestions, we may be able to develop them. That is the
purpose of the project.

Thanks for writing and I know everyone is very interested to know what happens!

Please say "hi" to Vicki for me :-)

Valerie :-)


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