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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Apr 6, 2000  4:56 pm
Subject:  Question: Early SW Publications 1974-1979

SignWriting List
April 6, 2000

"I am looking for an OLD reference to SignWriting, something perhaps
that was authored by you, say, in the 1970's? I don't have anything
specific in mind, but I do want to be able to point people to
something published on paper at the beginning of the invention."

Here is a listing from 1974-1979:

Fall, 1975
"Examples of Notation of a South Pacific Sign Language"
ISBN: 0-914336-32-0
This booklet recorded mime-like gestures and home signs of a lone
Deaf man, based on
research by Rolf Kuschel. It included pictures with SignWriting illustrations.

Fall, 1976
"Examples of Notation of Danish Deaf Sign Language"
ISBN: 0-914336-03-7
This booklet showed Sutton's first attempts at recording Danish Sign
Language in 1974, 1975 and 1976.

Summer, 1977
"Sutton Movement Shorthand; Writing Tool For Research."
First paper on SignWriting presented in the USA by Valerie Sutton, in
Chicago, Illinois at the National Symposium on Sign Language Research
& Teaching. Published in: Stokoe, William C. (ed): "Proceedings of
the First National Symposium on Sign Language Research and Teaching."
Chicago,Ill (1977) - pp. 267-296

Spring, 1978
"Hørende Danskeres Gestus-Repertoire (Hearing Danes'
Gesture-Repertoire)" by Jan Enggaard. This published research used
SignWriting to record hearing person's gestures, with contributions
by Valerie Sutton. The research was conducted at the Audiologopædisk
Forskningsgruppe, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

July, 1978
"SignWriting, Sutton Movement Shorthand, The Sign Language Key, Key 5"
Textbook: ISBN: 0-914336-06-1; Audio & Videotapes: ISBN: 0-914336-07-X
First SignWriting textbook, with 8-hours of video and audio
instruction. It is an historic record of how the system was written
in the 1970's. No longer in print.

Fall, 1979
"NTID Technical Signs Manuals"
SignWriting symbols are used in a series of Technical Signs Manuals,
produced at NTID in Rochester, New York, under the direction of Dr.
Frank Caccamise. In 1979, Valerie Sutton was a full-time consultant
to the project for six months, and is the author of the second
manual, which teaches the SignWriting symbols. Over 10 manuals have
since been published. The movement symbols of SignWriting are blended
with life-like illustrations, showing technical signs used in
different professions.

Fall, 1979
"Sutton Speech Writing"
This booklet described and illustrated Sutton's attempts at writing
the detailed movements of the mouth, jaw and tongue while speaking.
It was written while Sutton was a consultant at NTID. Audiologists
and speech pathologists at NTID stimulated the project. Sutton
analyzed detailed videos of speech production, and developed a system
for notating the mouth and tongue movements. Indirectly this was an
influence on SignWriting, since some movements of the mouth are
recorded when writing signed languages.

October 26, 1980
"A Way To Analyze American Sign Language & Any Other Sign Language
Without Translation Into Any Spoken Language" Paper by Valerie Sutton
presented at the National Symposium on Sign Language Research and
Teaching in Boston, Massachusetts.

If you go up on this web page:

Univeristy of Hamburg Library..Sutton Listing:

You will find a long listing of Sutton publications... a lot more I
had forgotten!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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