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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Wed Apr 19, 2000  10:50 pm
Subject:  Re: More wonderful features with .PDF!

Dear Valerie,

its already late at night in Germany -

wonderful news!!! I m really happy to read your message!

>I am asking if anyone would be willing to try to learn how to make
>PDF files from SignWriter files? ...whether it is with Adobe Acrobat
>4.0, or with GhostWriter... doesn't matter which program. I would
>like to ask someone to place an entire dictionary into a .PDF file?
>So, I need volunteers of people to start learning how to transfer
>SignWriter files to PDF - this is going to change our world - I
>really mean I hope some people will write to me about trying
>this. Maybe Angus can continue to give us excellent tech support!
>Anyway- I have some news....
>I called Adobe at:
>Adobe Software
>The Gifts-In-Kind is an Adobe Philanthropy Council's program that
>donates software to people with disabilities, to schools and to
>nonprofits that work with education or disabilities. So we fit their
>program well.
>I left a message asking them to mail me the application forms and I
>am going to try to get a whole pile of copies of Adobe Acrobat 4.0
>donated to us...then at least I can distribute those copies to
>individuals such as Stefan in Germany, who need to learn how to make
>SignWriter files become PDF files...

Yes - Im most interested ...

Tonight I downloaded the ghostscript and ghostview - file - Im no expert
habd hope to be able to install these programs corectly !!

From what I understood - there is another program needed -
is that correct ?

I tried the one which Angus Grieves recommmended - but unfortunately -
continuos link - error -

Is it a necessary file?

Is it correct that the whole process will become much easier with Adobe
Acrobat 4 instead of ghostscript and .. and .. and ?

2) Download prn2file, a DOS utility from PC Magazine, from
unzip it and put into the SW43 directory.

>Until I receive those donated copies, I hope you all will download
>GhostWriter and start -

so tomorrow Ill start to look for the first problems . -
>If we can get SignWriter dictionaries into .PDF format, that will
>change our world, because we will be able to send entire dictionaries
>to others in a format they can read. They will not have to own
>SignWriter, to be able to print and read SignWriting dictionaries -
>Any volunteers?

Will be happy to hear from you soon again !

Stefan ;-)

(Thanks for this great message!!!)

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