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From:  "Kimberly A. Martinez"
Date:  Mon Sep 14, 1998  8:21 pm
Subject:  Re: need your help


You might look into the Program at the University of New Mexico. They
offer a BS in Sign Language Interpreting and this Program is in the
Linguistics Department -- so there is support for research in Sign Language
Linguistics at UNM.

A good contact at UNM is Sherman Wilcox.

I hope this helps.

At 08:27 PM 9/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello, folks-
>I would like to get your help and feedback on what I am searching for,
>because I knew that this bulletin is regularly read by linguists and/or
>works within the linguistic field.
>My head is starting to spin because I found myself so frustrated in
>trying to seek information about graduate schools that offers Master degree
>in Linguistics program. But the catch is I want to go to somewhere
>that specializes in Sign Languages or have a strong core of Sign Languages.
>I only found a few by reputation, but I am hoping that someone would make
>contributable suggestions to find what I am looking for.
>My heartfelt thanks for your help!
>Erin Wilkinson
>P.s. Yes, I am aware that Gallaudent has a Master program, but I would
>like to know more about other schools as well.

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