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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Apr 26, 2000  2:07 pm
Subject:  Important Message from Teacher Nancy Cole

SignWriting List
April 26, 2000

Dear SignWriting List:

As you know, the most important part of the SignWriting Literacy
Project is to document feedback from the teachers. Nancy Cole, our
new teacher in Las Cruces, New Mexico, wrote me a stunning email
message (pasted below).

It is a very very important message, because it shows that within one
week's time, her students' language skills were improving using the
SignWriting materials.

I hope that all of the teachers will continue to post their feedback
to the SignWriting List. This not only gives us all information, but
it also documents the sequence of experiences students go through.
There appears to be some variation in students, and all these facts
need to be written down, so future teachers can benefit.

So thank you Nancy, for this excellent feedback - and feel free to
post to the SignWriting List anytime - I am grateful for your
feedback ;-)

And also, please tell your students a "great big hello" from me!

And welcome once again to the SignWriting Literacy Project...

Val ;-)


Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 10:39:53 EDT
Subject: I got it!!!
To: SignWriting List


I just wanted to let you know I got your package of SW materials last week on
Wednesday. I didn't respond so quick because we have been having so much fun
with it all! Donny is just eating it up!!! He has ADHA, but can't have
medication because of his diabetics, so for the first time I don't have to
prompt him over and over to write the signs down. He is extremely happy
about this, and I really wish you could see his face! My face also :) is
also beaming! It truely opens a door for him, and he took the goldilocks
workbook home to show his parents. It will be the first time in his life
that he can sign a story to him by himself!!!!! I am sooooooooooooooooo
Happy with this! We worked all day yesterday just on SW because the kids
were so interested in it! One of my students will come over to my home today
(we have Easter break now)and work some more. The great thing about this too
is that I'm learning with the kids. My husband who is also Deaf is learning
too. I also heard the negatives from some adults who are hearing from my
school saying it would confuse the kids. I told them, that's not possible
because they are already confused!!!!! I told them they would have to be
Deaf to understand or think Deaf! But from what I see from my kids faces!
No way do they look confused! They are excited to learn SW and so am I!

Thanks again so much!!!
Nancy Cole

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