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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu May 4, 2000  2:38 pm
Subject:  Re: Kalimera! I'm back from Greece

SignWriting List
May 4, 2000

At 11:43 AM +0000 5/4/00, Wayne in Maine wrote:
> Hello! Yes, I am back from Greece. The trip was OK, but I have to
>admit that I was very much put off by the fact that it seemed like everybody
>smoked and there were no non-smoking sections in public places. I've been
>told that all of Europe is like that. Living in the fresh air of Maine I've
>become spoiled, and the smoke was a shock to my system. It colored my
>entire trip. : (

Welcome home Wayne!

Glad you had a good trip to Greece....

As you know, our List members are from all over the world. And I
suspect that each culture handles the issues of smoking differently...

I know when I lived in Europe, they felt we Americans were rediculous
on this subject, since we are now against smoking, but as one Dane
pointed out to me ..."It was the Americans who started and spread
smoking around the we are only getting what we deserved!"
They have a point...

> While there I gave a presentation on my research to a group of hearing
>and Deaf researchers of Greek Sign Language. They're in the process of
>putting together a dictionary of GSL on DVD. They're starting with a core
>vocabulary of 3000 signs. Their team includes members of the Deaf
>community, hearing and Deaf linguists, and is being supported by the Greek
>government through the IEL, an agency which promotes research and
>development of language training materials for natives and non-natives

A Greek Sign Language Dictionary project - how wonderful....

> Of course I made a strong statement in support of SignWriting. Two of
>the people whose names you sent to me were in the audience. One, Galini
>Sapountzakis, was one of the interpreters (the 2 interpreters were
>incredible, going directly from spoken English to Greek Sign Language!). I
>recommended to all that they visit the SignWriting website for more

Thank you, Wayne! SignWriting is now used in several dictionary
database projects around the world. I hope Greece will consider it
too...Thanks for telling them about it.

By the way, would anyone benefit from a dictionary database in
SignWriting that is composed of signs pasted into Microsoft Excel, or
FileMaker? In other words...into existing database software?

Of course it would be some work, but when I heard that the
Swiss-German project was using FileMaker in this way, I started to
realize that this might bring the dictionaries into another
environment other than SignWriter...what do you think?

I have now installed FileMaker 5.0 on my computer, and apparently
databases can be "uploaded to the web" I am hoping to try a
small FileMaker database later, and post it on our SignBank Site to
see if it is useful to people.

> Has the JSL video transcription project started yet? I was in no-mail
>mode during the trip, and only had time for a cursory glance at the SW-L
>archives. What am I supposed to do first?
> Thanks for thinking of me! : )

Of course we think of you! No, we have not started the JSL video yet
- I must finish typing Dutch (Flemish) into SignWriter...Then there
are a myriad of technical questions and the JSL video - so it will
happen sooner or later...hopefully not later!

Have a great day, everyone!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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