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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu May 4, 2000  10:16 pm
Subject:  Re: Keyboard layouts

At 5:48 PM +0100 5/4/00, Michael Everson wrote:
>This has to do with the fact that the fingerspelling fonts will run under
>ordinary software, not just SignWriter. That means that the symbols are
>actual characters, and possibly should be on different keys than they are
>in SignWriter. For instance, the Question Mark in the US keyboard in
>SignWriter is found on the unshifted /-key, but on "real" keyboards it is
>found on the shifted /-key.

SignWriting List
May 4, 2000

Yes. Today I created the new Flemish Fingerspelling Keyboard in
SignWriter 4.3, and just to test it, I tried to place some symbols on
the Shift Keys...but SignWriter 4.3 refuses to allow the use of Shift
Keys in the Fingerspelling keyboard. It is an old program, and we
were conserving memory. Back in the 1980's computers did not have as
large hard drives and as much memory as they do today. So the
SignWriter 4.3 Keyboards will have a limited design.

Meanwhile, there is another issue too, that is not connected to the
Shift Key issue. Some of the countries that received their version of
SignWriter first, such as Norway back in the late 1980's, have
learned from years of experience what they really need.

Earlier today I received this message from Ingvild in Norway. The
message was meant for the SignWriting List, but sent to my private
email address instead. I have the SGN file Ingvild mentions below,
and I will send you that file, Michael -

Val ;-)


Date: Thu, 4 May 2000 12:50:20 +0200 (CEST)
From: Ingvild
Subject: Re: Changes to SW Fingerspelling Keyboards?

Dear Valerie and list,

since the Norwegian keyboard was created, a long time ago, reseach
has shown that some of the fingerspelling keys are not in accordance
with the most common use in Norway. Especially the S, which to us too
much resembles the A and the E, as NSL does not have the sharp
distinction beteen loosely and closly knit fist. But also the F, the
G, the U and the is used differently from what is in our keyboard.
I have attached more proper handshapes as a .sgn file, 047keys.sgn. I
hope that will reach you all right, and that Michael has not put in
too much work on things not needed.

Love to you all,



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