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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  4:51 am
Subject:  Re: SW for Second Graders

Judy Kegl wrote:
> The problem, in my humble opinion, is not that the SW ASL material is too
complex for second graders. Rather, it is all too simple. If you want to
teach kids to read , then you have to be able to read to them. The stuff
teachers read to hearing second graders is pretty sophisticated stuff. The
books the second graders themselves read are vastly more sophisticated than
anything I have seen in SW ASL so far, with the excpetion of occasional
Charles Butler writes:

I must agree with James Shepard-Kegl. I have attempted to write
literature for Sign Writing (a story on Clythe, a rather extensive
Biblical translation, and a version of Santa Claus comes to town, but
they have been passed over because they do not have pictures for the
web, or at least that has been my impression. I need feedback on the
quality of my linguistic skills, my impression of a good story,
anything. We all need practice, practice, practice, when do we get to
see ALL of our attempts at storytelling on the web so that others can
give us feedback. It cannot be THAT hard to load them to the web as
stories, flaws and all.


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