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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon May 8, 2000  1:16 pm
Subject:  Rotation Symbols

At 11:08 PM +0200 5/7/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:

>I compared the arrows and explanations lessons 086 and 089 (this one) . I
>have to ask for the rotation movement symbol - they seem almost the same to
>me in both examples - but the rotations arenīt ! ??
>I understand - the information about the correct rotation we get from the
>two positions - so in this case we have to add the endposition - otherwise
>we wouldnīt know how far the rotation is meant ????

SignWriting List
May 8, 2000

Stefan - sometimes we cannot be 1000 per cent perfect. Daily writing
systems are never that accurate.

For example, the only difference between example "less086" and
"less089" (in your attachment below), is that the movement symbol is
placed at a higher level in "less089", than it is in "less086".

Although the lower level is technically more correct from a "movement
spatial point of view", it is sometimes not practical. In example
"less089" we were discussing typing Norwegian Fingerspelling, and we
have to place all movement symbols above the hands in the
Fingerspelling Keyboards, since when you type, you need the
Fingerspelling "to line up". So we make exceptions on Fingerspelling
Keyboards when it comes to the height of the symbols.

Adding a second position always clarifies details, and if you are
doing research, or if you are teaching details, that is always a
useful technique.

But once people become used to writing the sign, they will sometimes
drop one of the positions, because they know the sign already, and
such detail is not necessary for daily use.

So you can start writing two positions, and then ask your
students..."Which position could be dropped and still understand the
sign?" Sometimes they will drop the first position...that is OK.
Sometimes they will drop the second position. That is OK too.
Sometimes they will vote to write both positions - all choices are OK!

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