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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  12:59 am
Subject:  Start Your Own SW Web Site?

Charles Butler wrote:
I must agree with James Shepard-Kegl. I have attempted to write
literature for Sign Writing (a story on Clythe, a rather extensive
Biblical translation, and a version of Santa Claus comes to town, but
they have been passed over because they do not have pictures for the
web, or at least that has been my impression. I need feedback on the
quality of my linguistic skills, my impression of a good story,
anything. We all need practice, practice, practice, when do we get to
see ALL of our attempts at storytelling on the web so that others can
give us feedback. It cannot be THAT hard to load them to the web as
stories, flaws and all.

Hello Charles and Everyone -
Of course I can sense your frustration that I am not doing more. Actually
posting a SignWriting story on the web is work....I have to turn the typed
SignWriting into GIF files and then design the pages in an HTML editor,
plus add links. It takes me several days to complete one article posted on
my web site because of all of the graphic issues and link issues involved.

SO....since I am only one person, with much too much to do....why should
you be held back by my limitations? Why not start your own web site, and
place SignWriting literature on it yourself? That way you can do it YOUR
way, and of course you can announce it to the SignWriting List when you
post a new story.

And I will continue my SignWriting web site too...and we will have several
web sites that way, which will be better for the world. Anyone game? If you
have web site space available to you anyway, write to me, and I can provide
you with anything you need to get started, such as SignWriting GIF files
for icons etc.

It would be great, for example, if someone would start a "SignWriting
Literature" web site, with story after story after story written in
SignWriting - like a vast library on the web.

I hope other SW web sites pop up soon!

Valerie :-)


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