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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Sun May 28, 2000  9:05 am
Subject:  Re: Hello

On Saturday, 27 May, 2000 23:56:14, Nancy Cole wrote:

> Did you get the email I sent before about if you knew my pastor Red (Louis)
> Flett?

I don't recall your earlier message but it's possible that I missed it when
Ihad to swap to an old machine because my laptop crashed ... to the floor.

> He was interested if NIV bible would be translated into SW.

I'm assuming that you mean "... into ASL SW".

> ALso, my
> husband and I were wondering if that would happen. Or maybe the KIJ version
> would be translated into ASL SW.

These would at best be paraphrases of the NIV or the KJV or any other
translation. Some reckon that the NIV is already a paraphrase (I'm not one
of them). If there's to be such a translation of an English translation to
(any) signed language I think I'd go with the CEV. I've nothing against
paraphrases indeed with Ken Taylor's "LIving" paraphrase I would not have
any headway with the AV.

My personal preference is for a direct translation from the Hebrew and
Greek. Of course, I'd want a BSL version rather than an ASL.

I find it iniquitous that a hearer speaking English I have the choice of
over 100 translations where as the Deaf have none! Even Welsh and Gaelic
speakers ave their language translation but there are fewer of them than
there are BSL "speakers".

I'll get off my soap box now but before I do I will mention that I'm
actively persuing leaders in the Deaf Church here in Britain about a direct

Regards, Trevor

British Sign Language is not inarticulate handwaving; it's a living
language. So recognise it now.


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