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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Jun 3, 2000  12:40 pm
Subject:  Re: Chami

At 1:06 AM -0800 6/3/00, Linda Erickson wrote:

>Oh, your message was so wonderful. Yes, after I worked in a preschool
>setting with special needs children and seeing their precious faces smile
>with enthusiasm, from just learning, oh, that moment in their lives is so
>wonderful. Yes, I deffinately understand.
>Is there any web site that is good that I can turn too to learn more about
>this new language?
>Is there any place that already has cards, computer CD roms, that I can
>I really don't know very much about this new language at all.
>And ofcourse, there is no one here that knows either.


June 3, 2000
SignWriting List

Hello Linda and Everyone!
It is nice to see so many enthusiastic messages on the SignWriting
List. And welcome, Linda ;-)

The reason you haven't heard from me, is that I am very overtired
right now, so I have been trying to focus on orders and also making
sure our web site is working properly. But normally, I teach
SignWriting on the List, so in time you too will learn SignWriting if
you want to!

SignWriting is not a new language, Linda. It is a way to read and
write any signed language in the world. And lots of people know about
it! All the people on this List, in fact, since the subject of this
List is "SignWriting".

I am not sure how you found out about the SignWriting List? I sent
you information on the web site already....but here is the
information again...and yes...there is software, books, videos on
SignWriting, much of it free to download...

The SignWritingSite

About SignWriting

SignWriting Catalog

SignWriting Library

SignWriting Lessons

SignWriting Forums

Why not download the information packets and the software first?

I will write more about that soon....

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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