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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  11:21 pm
Subject:  Re: SW for Second Graders

Karlin, Ben wrote:
> While it would be invaluable to assemble a team all in one place
> (imagine the intellectual energy in that room!) wouldn't it also be
> possible to take some of the "Performance" and poetry videotapes and
> transcribe them in order to get some of those more copmplex works?
> It would be interesting to explore the copyright problems that go along with
that. I know that captions get a different copyright then the script on which
they are based.
> I can imagine...., oh, some of the Valli poems transcribed for use in
> literature classes, for example, ABC stories, etc etc. Anybody got some extra

> Well I have original music (gospel and ballad) which I know how to sign. A
videotape might be prepared if people could use it. I just need to find
someone with a videocam.


Well, we could always do Amphigory. It certainly has interesting verbs
and children love things that are ghastly.

A is for Alice who sat on some tacks.
B is for Bertram eaten by rats.
C is for Cedric who went into fits.
D is for Donald shattered to bits.
E is for Ellen who swept out to sea.
F is for Franklin who died of ennui.

...and so forth.

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