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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jun 16, 2000  6:03 pm
Subject:  Sign for "pour" in ASL, plus Norwegian question

At 9:56 PM -0700 6/15/00, Joe Martin wrote:
>As for the sign for "pour," I agree that it seems to need a verticle line
>through the movement arrow, indicating axial movement. As it is, it looks
>like it is saying, "move (a cup) to the left."

SignWriting List
June 16, 2000

I agree that the rotation symbol is a necessary part of the sign for
"pour" in ASL. If no traveling with the arm is necessary, then just
add the slash that indicates rotation, and then it will be a rotation
in place.

But if the movement must rotate and travel simultaneously, then there
are ways to combine the movements.

The sign for "pour" in ASL is similar to a question that Ingvild
Roald posed back in May. Ingvild's question, and my answer appear on
this web page:

Question 0067:
Rotation During Traveling Movement

Below is a portion of the diagram from that page. As you can see, we
were discussing combinations of the traveling arrow, and the rotation
arrow. Then later, Ingvild asked me another related question, which I
will post soon....

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