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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Jun 16, 2000  10:31 pm
Subject:  Re: feedback on Irish Blessing

Hi Martin, Charles, Valerie and SWL -members,

Martin wrote :

> I had no trouble reading the sign for "deep" It does seem kind of like
> the arrow is coming from the left hand, but the arrowhead clears that up.
> But I guess my knowledge of ASL
> tells me how it goes even though personally I sign it a little bit
> different.
> ...

You are definitely right. Same with me. After I read the translation "deep"
I could understand /read or just imagine how to sign this sign -

but the chance of sharing our gifs and jpgs is to learn from each other. At
least - I as a beginner - would love to learn about the different
possibilities - how to spell ...

"Isnt id amasing that eavon if I woold write completely wronk Englisch you
are abl to underctand what is on my mind? "

Same with SW. In case my pupils write by hand I can read and understand
their messages - and its not too complicated - just to sign what they
wanted to write and not to sign what they really wrote .

Im on my way to l e a r n SW. That is the reason that Im so greatfull
for every chance to get more and more sensitive to the rules and
conventions. In these cases I would like to know: What about the spelling -
can I copy that ? Does anybody who is familiar with SW understand this kind
of spelling as what it is meant - or is there something that should/ could
/must be written in another way,

Please Charles and Martin, dont misunderstand my engagement as a kind of
criticsm of your wonderfull job. Not at all !!!!!!!

In this case "sign for deep" I would sign it almost the same way - but the
left hand palm down. A facial expression would explain "how deep " ...

Asking for additional explanations is my way to figure out, did I interpret
the single elements of the whole sign correctly? I read and sign, what I
understand but - did the author spell it this way - may be - but did he
want me to move my hands this way ? perhaps not -
So not interpreting but simply signing what is written could be a great help
for me to become more and more familiar with SW. That is the reason that Im
so eager to participate in our Japanes bible project . Not knowing the
meaning of the signs but nevertheless to be able to write it down in a way
that an experienced SW -reader (not knowing Japanes SL) would be able to
copy these movements , so that a Deaf Japanese would be able to understand
him, me, the signed bible verse, the written bible verse ...puh rather
complicated - I hope you can understand what I tried to explain.

Thanks for your reply

Stefan ;-)

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