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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 16, 1998  6:21 pm
Subject:  Caldwell School Message

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:15:03 -0500
From: Diana & Alan Smith
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To: Valerie Sutton
Subject: flashcards +

Another use for the flashcards, which I typically use in my classroom,
is to use them to construct sentences in a pocket chart, on a table, on
the floor, or wherever. This would be a step before the children
actually wrote the signs. A sentence or paragraph or story could be
developed in this manner and then written. You could use it after a
field trip or any kind of classroom experience to record what happened.
The children could develop it together and decide which event occurred
first, second, and third.

I am hoping to have an IBM or clone in my classroom soon so my children
can actually type from the SignWriter program. I am working on that
donation. At present our school uses the Mac. I can see for younger
children writing by hand would take a long time. Sometimes they aren't
that patient.

As far as the amount of content on a page in your levels of "The Three
Bears"--- I think what you have done in the coloring book form is
great. There are wordless books out there that tell a complete story.
It just depends on the reader. You don't have to just read what is
written on the page. You can embellish as you read. Your coloring book
format is great for little kids. It highlights the story and starts on
their beginning level. It gets them to retell the story in their own
words. We want creativity on their part. In that way we can determine
their level of comprehension. The higher the level the more detailed
the story can become. You need some stories to use as teaching tools.
Other stories can be written in their full richness. Variety is the
spice of life.

Thanks for all your hard work. Please send the flashcards to my home. I
will be glad to post
something on the SW List with results. You can quote or copy any of the
above comments on the List if you wish.

Your friend, Diana


Valerie :-)


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