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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Jun 18, 2000  5:12 pm
Subject:  Re: First two JSL signs

On 5/15/00, Wayne Smith wrote:
>Valerie, Mark, Stefan, Joe, and SW-List members -
> Here's my first attempt at the first two signs on the JSL video.
>At this point I'm just including info re the signs themselves, not
>facial expression, tho I'd like to get to that too. Anxious to see what
>everyone else gets.
> - Wayne

SignWriting List
June 18, 2000

Hello Wayne and Everyone!

I am really impressed with how clearly you wrote the important
elements of the first two signs on the video, Wayne...

I have been meaning to tell you that for a long time - sorry for the delay!

Although I am still in the middle of putting a course together, I am
not done and meanwhile you all are waiting for my I am
giving you the feedback now without the web site ready. I will get
back to that later.

Here is the first sign that Wayne wrote, plus three of the frames
captured from the video. You can see there were some facial
expressions. Of course, all these facial expressions are done very
quickly. We end up seeing the facial expression on the last position
more clearly, because there is an instinctive pause at the end of
each sign, and it is in that pause that we see the facial expression
the best.

When I say a pause, I do not mean a REAL pause...I mean a fraction of
a second where the ending position is held an extra frame or two, to
give the feeling of finality to the movement. We all do that when we
sign, we just don't realize it because it is so fast and so subtle.

So I attach this with this question to Wayne and the others taking
the course...

Do you feel a facial expression is necessary with this sign? If so,
how would you write it? ;-)

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