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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jun 23, 2000  4:56 am
Subject:  Article about Cued Speech

>Here is an interesting article about Cued speech.
>As usual...the difference between using a system to inadequately
>represent English is considered superior to actually using a
>And one of the big "drawbacks" specified for ASL is that is not
>possible to write it. <grin>
>Cecelia Smith
>Dallas TX

SignWriting List
June 22, 2000

Thank you, Cecelia, for the interesting link. I skimmed the article
quickly...I know some people really do like Cued Speech...even in the
Netherlands, I remember one time I visited a school for the Deaf
there (near Amsterdam) and they were using Cued Speech - that was
around 1983 - So it has had some success with "speech reading".... in
several countries I believe.

You certainly explained it correctly - Cued Speech helps the guessing
game of lip reading - In Denmark they have another system called the
"MundHaand System", the "Mouth-Hand System", which was originally
invented by Forchammer in the early 1900's. And that Mouth-Hand
System has influenced the fingerspelling styles in least
my understanding is that the Mouth-Hand System was used instead of
fingerspelling at times, so it was used in the middle of a real
Danish Sign Language conversation, blended into DSL.

Has Cued Speech blended at all with ASL?


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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