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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jun 28, 2000  2:06 pm
Subject:  Deaf Community in Roswell, New Mexico

SignWriting List
June 28, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Nancy!
Thanks for the interesting message below, and thanks for discussing
SignWriting with the Deaf community in Roswell!

You know, I suddenly realized that there may be SignWriting List
members who do not know what we are talking about, and I do apologize
to all of you on the List...

I can imagine that some of our members from Europe or Asia or
Australia do not know about Roswell. It is a city out in the desert,
in New Mexico, in the US. The surrounding area is very lonely and
isolated - a true desert. One day, people reported seeing men from
outer space - maybe from Mars or who knows? They claim the aliens
landed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell. And then later, the
media and newspapers started writing about this, saying that the US
government is covering all this information the city of
Roswell became famous for "ufo", which is a term that stands for
"Unidentified Flying Object"...

So Nancy and I were joking about that ;-)

Meanwhile, there really are real people from this earth living in
Roswell, and the Deaf Community there is important to us - So thanks
once again, Nancy!

Val ;-)


At 12:16 PM -0400 6/27/00, Nancy Cole wrote:
>I'm not sure if the teachers there in Roswell will accept SW. They wouldn't
>even hire me there because I'm Deaf!! But if the Deaf community gets this,
>then RAD (Roswell Association for the Deaf) and NMAD will get things started
>politically. It might take some time! They are so old fashioned!! Many
>Deaf are interested, and I'm going back this weekend to show them more! I
>really need to learn more, but I've been so lazy, and just enjoying my kids
>this summer ha! Oh, and you know they signed Roswell boring, but my husband
>changed it to ufo crash. Yes, it is a very big thing, and you should see the
>UFO museum!! It's neat, and yes I married an Alien haha!
>I'll keep trying to get SW started there and will let you know hopefully July
>20th keep fingers crossed!

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