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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jun 28, 2000  3:51 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

At 8:34 AM -0600 6/28/00, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
> I'm interested to see you write that, and wondering what you think
>the advantages of standardized spellings are. I can't really think of an
>advantage, except perhaps for computer parsing, and the disadvantages are
>- encouraging discrimination against people who haven't memorized all the
>standard forms

SignWriting List
June 28, 2000

Hello Everyone and Angus!

Gosh - what an interesting point of view Angus.

So I guess all dictionaries would not be necessary, since no word
would have a set way to be spelled? Absolute freedom of spelling - I
would love that!! I wish other people could accept that -

Why do you spell the way you do? Are you conforming to society? And
is that descrimination against you, that you and I both choose to
spell "you" the same way?

Actually the real reason why I bring the standardized spelling issue
up is that I got the feeling that people wanted dictionaries that
told them how to write signs. I started to feel pressured to give
everybody everything immediately.

It is very hard for some people using SignWriting in other countries.
We have a small imperfect dictionary right now in ASL, but in other
countries they do not even have that.....and I thought people were
asking me to help them spell signs I do not know myself -

So I apologize if I have mis-read the situation -

Just so you know, Angus, I dislike standardized spellings - if I had
my way I would not spell English as we do....

But when it comes to SignWriting, I am trying to help people write
signs, and some have expressed insecurity and the desire to have they feel lost because they have no dictionary to turn
to...not everyone wants pure freedom like we do....

Val ;-)

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