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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jun 28, 2000  5:11 pm
Subject:  Re: Deaf Community in Roswell, New Mexico

At 5:35 PM +0200 6/28/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Dear Valerie,
>I felt happy to read your comment.
>Thank you so much to reflect our background. Please donīt feel under
>pressure to have to comment every conribution - but this is a very nice
>gesture to tell us foreigners "- donīt feel excluded ;-) - Iīll give you
>the chance to understand ... "
>I appriciate that very much.
>Stefan ;-)

SignWriting List
June 28, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Stefan!

Thanks for this nice message. I am trying to be a good hostess to all
List members!

There are 24 countries represented on the SW List. That is 24
different cultures!

Because I have been fortunate enough to live in other countries, I
learned that my country is not the center of the world, but only one
of many. I also learned that all cultures can teach each other.

Therefore, I invite everyone to participate. I hope someday we can
hear from List members from India and Pakistan, from Japan and
Malaysia...from all 24 countries ;-)

We look forward to meeting all of you!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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