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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Thu Jun 29, 2000  6:04 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

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From: Nancy Cole
Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 5:40 AM
Subject: Re: standardized spellings

> I have something to ask anyone who wants to answer. Actually my hubby
> brought it up. We are learning SW, and it's something new to us. One
> I have noticed is that signs are different in different communities. For
> example, I went to PA where I met over 200 Deaf individuals, and had to
> my husband interpret for me! I had never been out of NM, or Texas before,
> it was a unique experience. I have a difficult time explaining to my
> students that signs are different all over.

Hi Nancy

- loved to read your message.

I have a difficult time explaining to my
> students that signs are different all over.

Yes - that is right - but - movements are the same. You can describe what
you see - (if you can ;-)))) )

So it is not the problem of the different signs /vocabularies - just take
them as different possibilities to express a special concept. SW helps to
describe , to write down the movement -

If you want to use it in order to describe the movements you perform to
express in your SL a special idea/ sign - what is the problem ? You simply
decide to inform your informed reader. I canīt see any problem not to
describe your way of moving your hands .....
Anything else would mean that we in Germany would have to write the
movements for father and mother in Goldilocks as they are written (ASL -
signs) but that doesnīt make any sense.

Ummm I'm not even sure how to
> put this question....but we were wondering is...if we are using the SW
> lessons, and one of the signs shows different than how we use it here in
> should we rewrite the sign? We are only "babies" in this new technique,
> quite unsure of ourselves. We are trying to change some of my students
> into SW and alittle worried about how we should do it. So, any
> would be helpful:)

I guess the best way to improve your writing skills is to show your SW
writing to anybody else. Watch his movements as he interprets your
writing - and over sudden both of you start with you learning process. Itīs
so fascinating that simply looking at the readers movements tells you so
much about your writing skills or his reading skills ...

But - thatīs for sure - both of you will learn from that and it is soooo
exciting and soooo much fun !

Stefan ;-)

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