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From:  Sues Signs
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  8:15 am
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

please cancel future e.mails I suscribed to the wrong kind of signwriting
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From: "Valerie Sutton"
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2000 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: standardized spellings

> >mmm.. this has been my experience also..."shouting" is usually very
> >quick, and extremely crisp. Often with extended hold at the begining of
> >phrase or sign which is then completed at nearly the speed of
> >clearly SHOUTING. LOL
> >
> >Cecelia
> SignWriting List
> June 29, 2000
> OK guys - thanks so much for your good points. I was not talking
> about getting angry. Shouting certainly can mean a person is getting
> angry - you are 100 per cent right that that kind of shouting is
> different in ASL.
> I was talking about trying to help a person who does not know a
> language, understand the language...and sometimes when hearing people
> are trying to talk to a person from another language, that hearing
> person raises the sound of his or her voice, without even noticing
> other words...psychologically they are thinking the person
> can't hear them, but actually they just don't know the same language
> and raising the voice is unnecessary.
> I remember once I was trying to explain to someone in English (who
> didn't know English), how to find a hotel. And I started to raise my
> voice "Go down this street" and I pointed and I also raised my voice
> without knowing it - and someone near me said - Hey. They are not
> deaf! And I felt embarrassed because I realized what I was doing....
> So I was comparing that to little Irina, who is a native signing Deaf
> child, who changes her language so that she is signing slower and
> larger, because she knows the other person doesn't know her
> language...what would you call that?
> Or what is your theory as to why she changes her language into larger
> movements?
> --
> Val ;-)
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> Valerie Sutton
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