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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  2:44 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

At 10:34 AM +0200 6/30/00, Susanne Bentele wrote:
>we don't know what is good DGS. however, deaf people usually have
>their own criteria to judge what is 'good' signing and what isn't.
>usually this involves fluency, use of productive forms, amount of
>mouthing, making use of german words or grammatical features etc....

SignWriting List
June 30, 2000

Dear Members, and Susanne!
Thanks for your great messages. Susanne, your work sounds wonderful
and obviously progress is being made slowly but surely.

The more we write signs in different ways, the more we learn, and
slowly standards will come in through years of use.

No linguistic analysis can take away from the experience of writing
for many, many years - so time is on our side ;-)

I would like to make a suggestion to those who are interested in
improving their writing of signed languages...

It is very important to get to know adult members of the Deaf
Community. Ask Deaf adults what they think.

Join some Deaf clubs, or ask Deaf adults to learn a little
SignWriting and write from their perspective...Or write what Deaf
adults suggest - respect their opinions and take the time to ask
them. They are the source.

In Stefan's case, he may be isolated with Deaf young people, his
students. Without Deaf adults giving their guidance to the teachers
of Deaf children, the teachers may not realize what is happening in
the German Deaf Community.

So I hope that Stefan can in time start consulting Deaf adults in his
community....Writing true German Sign Language cannot happen without
Deaf adult participation...

For example, what about Irina's Deaf parents? At first they may feel
surprised by SignWriting, but when they see their daughter write
signs, they may become interested themselves and add some new light
on the writing of DGS.

Best -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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