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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  3:53 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

Hi Valerie,

Valerie wrote :

> This is what I suggest, Stefan...
> Please take out the "Learn To Read ASL in SignWriting" video case.
.... Place the video in the
> machine and watch the beginning portion of the Goldilocks story.
> Then look at the three books that came with the video.

Notice that I.taught how to read each sign on the video for 64 pages!!!
Look at the video - then look at the sign written in SignWriting - then
look at
> the English word - there! You now have learned some ASL!
(> ....)
> So you already have excellent materials right now to teach you some
> ASL.

I have done that before and I promise ;-) Ill do that again. And you are
right - your materials are simply great. I`m sorry to ask questions that are
answered in detail in your publications.

Nevertheless - that is the way Im learning. Being in need to produce day
by day new SW-texts for my pupils I am limited to what I already know. In
case that you have already explained a detail - (mostly spelling- problems)
Im sorry and apologize to disturb you . I dont want to steel your time.
Just a short hint - read the manual chapter xcy would help sometimes. On the
other hand it may be a matter of competence to be able to memorize and
understand all the possible problems that show up during daily practice.

I talked to a computer - freak some time ago to explain a specific printer -
problem and all he wrote back via email was


Its not my register of language but I understood that he felt angry that I
asked him instead of "reading the f... manual" So it is so kind of you to
answer in such a polite form :

> Remember when you were surprised to notice that I had taught the
> SignWriter computer program step by step in the manuals? You had
> those manuals for many months, and the reason you didn't look at
> them, is that you were asking me personally what to do. But I wrote
> those manuals, and they are a better source than talking to me
> personlly. Talking to me on a personal basis cannot replace the
> publications I have already produced.
> So please truly study the LEARN TO READ ASL IN SIGNWRITING now.
> Portions of it are online, as you know, but you have the real thing
> at home!

One difference between the one who teaches and the one who is in teh process
of learning may be, that the cognitiv map of the teacher is so clearly drawn
..... ;-)

I`ll do my best and will let you know !!

Stefan ;-)

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