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From:  Stefan Woehrmann
Date:  Fri Jun 30, 2000  8:21 pm
Subject:  Re: standardized spellings

Valerie wrote : (.....)

> It is very important to get to know adult members of the Deaf
> Community. Ask Deaf adults what they think.

> In Stefan's case, he may be isolated with Deaf young people, his
> students. Without Deaf adults giving their guidance to the teachers
> of Deaf children, the teachers may not realize what is happening in
> the German Deaf Community.

Hi Valerie,
just a short comment on this.
O no, thatīs not true - in fact I can and had already taken the chance to
involve deaf adults in this process- and they are realy fascinated by this
new instrument (SW) -

but we felt a little bit helpless because of this spelling question - what
is correct DGS. There are not too many deaf adults with an all deaf
background. The rest of them coming from hearing parents grew up in their
childhood in the atmosphere of strong oralism and very poor - if any -
SL -input. So they started to learn to sign when they met elder students at
school. Here the students from all deaf families are the school-yuard
teachers -

So asking these adults today for support they are as supportive as you can
imagine - wonderfull people but confrontend with the idea that at Frankfurt,
Aachen or Hamburg scientific research has done concerning the rules of DGS
which they never had heard of before - they might feel insecure or shy -
And I can understand them . Being told from their teachers before - if you
would do better you would be able to lipread and articulate so much better .
They got this feeling of defizit - of not doing good enough . And now people
show up to tell them that there are rules in DGS they do violate just while
they comunicate as they do --

Itīs a sensitive matter and I donīt want to make anybody feel unhappy.

So I guess itīs less a question of my contact towards deaf adults - itīs
more a question as Dr Penny Boyes Braem points it out of how to get
information. How to collect samples of everyday signing -

Every little comunity develops some kind of "family- talk" thats not the
question. I could ask for typical signs in our school comunity and receive
an interesting impression: there are kind of "up to date signs" and old
fashion signs : In Germany we have got a broadcast : sehen statt hören ( see
instead of listen) which can be seen every Sunday. Deaf adults present a
large variety of different subjects. Every evening the news are translated
in DGS by interpreters in television . As a hearing SL -learner I have got
the big advantage to see and listen. Without any difficulties I can collect
signs that are new to me - just becaus I can hear , read or realize the
meaning of these signs. What about deaf people -
So collecting all these signs and compiling a kind of databank in SW will
lead to the possibility to discuss Signlanguage on a broad fundament.

There is sooooooo much to be done - I try to do my best - but it will take
So learning better and better to transcribe the movements I see in SW that
will help a lot !!!

Stefan ;-)

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