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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Sep 22, 1998  10:36 am
Subject:  Re: Advanced SignWriting Materials


Hello Everyone!
I have received several requests for our advanced materials. Glad to know
you are interested! The two more advanced books that I have prepared still
need to be edited and perfected, and most likely will not be ready until
November. And meanwhile, I must focus on grant writing, and that is time

I agree with James Shepard-Kegl, and several others, that we need more
advanced materials in ASL. So...why be held back by my limitations?!

For the teachers of the SignWriting Literacy Project...I have a suggestion...

I sent you an ASL videotape of Darline Clark-Gunsauls signing four stories
in ASL: Goldilocks, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and Cinderella.

Since I am already working on the books that transcribe the complete
Goldilocks story from the video, the other three stories need to be
transcribed. Why not transcribe them yourself? You have the video, and
since I am the publisher and I hold the copyrights on the video, you have
my full permission to transcribe the entire video if you wish - so there
are no copyright issues!

I hope you can prepare some advanced reading materials yourselves and then
share them with us :-)

Meanwhile, I hope it goes well with the materials I already sent you.

All my best -

Valerie :-)


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