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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Jul 14, 2000  3:21 pm
Subject:  Re: You have been added to the SW-L list

Hello people. This is Charles Butler. This is my work email so you may be
getting occasional comments from this address. There are some exciting new
Department of Education sites out there on the Web that are interested in
Sign Writing. Here is a message from one of them.

Thanks Charles. We'll look at the site and consider adding it to The
Knowledge Loom! It looks promising and interesting.

Mary Anne Mather
Knowledge Loom Project Manager

I'm really hoping that some of the educators on the Sign Writing list do
some cross-posting and/or feedback to the Knowledge Loom's site on Early
Literacy. This may give Sign Writing the boost it needs in the U.S.

"The Knowledge Loom website debuted by the U.S. Department of Education is
terrific! It is thoughtful, though-provoking, and resource rich. The format
is easy to use; it talks in English-not ed jargon; it is descriptive. I
could go on and on. Kudos for you!"
Planning Coordinator

Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

"I am really excited about the possibility of sharing ideas and info with
ESL colleagues. I am the only ESL teacher in my district, and so always
welcome opportunities to network with colleagues."
K-12 ESL Teacher, New Hampshire

"The quality of the content that I've seen is good, and the 'experts' are
truly experts! I'm thrilled to think I can do a back-and-forth with people
like Shirley Hord and others."

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