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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Aug 26, 2000  4:19 am
Subject:  SignWriting Webring ;-)

August 25, 2000

Dear SW List ;-)
Thank you for your wonderful messages!

I am writing to express a special thanks to Caroline Readman, who in
January or February, 1999 was kind enough to establish the
SignWriting Webring.

Recently Caroline asked me to take over the management of the Webring
myself. So I am now the SW Ringmaster, with the assistance of Jerry
Spillman. Thanks to Jerry too, for all your help!

What is a webring? It is a group of web sites on the same subject.
You can link to each site in a jumping from one to the clicking on "Next Site, "Next Site" etc...

So the SignWriting Webring includes sites that use or are about
SignWriting. At the moment we have three web sites in the SW Webring:

1. SignWritingSite
2. SignBankSite
3. SignBible Site

We hope more sites will join in the future.

You can start jumping from site to site by clicking on "SignWriting
Webring" at the top of the SignWritingSite home page:


Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton


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