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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Oct 2, 1998  5:30 pm
Subject:  Re: phonological awareness training increases (sign)reading and (sign)writing

On October 2, 1998 Fernando Capovilla wrote:
>In my lab we have developed training procedures involving phonological
>awareness of hearing K1-2nd grade kids, and have proven the
>wonderfully strong impact of those training procedures upon reading and
>writing abilities (of the Portuguese alphabetic orthography). These
>findings tend to be robust and are quite well established in the
>majority of spoken languages. I think that something very similar to
>the phonological awareness training could be done with respect to sign
>language using SignWriting.

Fernando Capovilla


Thank you, Fernando, for your message. How can we apply what you learned
to SignWriting? As you know, second graders and fourth graders at the Texas
School for the Deaf will be learning SignWriting this fall. How can we
determine what materials are appropriate for each age group? We have little
or no experience with second graders right now, and we need all the input
we can get!

You mention training procedures in your message. What are they like?

Valerie :-)


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