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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Sep 20, 2000  7:32 pm
Subject:  Thanks for everyone's advice ;-)))

On 9/20/00, Bill Reese wrote:
>Excuse me for the caps, but that's extremely important. The autoexec.bat
>file is ran during bootup and it has settings needed for your machine to
>work right. So don't touch until you know what you are doing. ;-)


SignWriting List
September 20, 2000

Many thanks, Bill!

You are correct ;-)

The ONE thing I know from working with computers since 1984 is...

"Never touch an autoexec.bat file without the help of a DOS expert"!

So I didn't, and you are right, I would have totally confused my
computers. In fact, some of the autoexec.bat editors didn't have
ANYTHING in them - they were totally I wrote to Jerry and
he explained that in the old days, Windows relied on MS-DOS to
function...but times are changing...

Which means that future Windows users, will know as little about
MS-DOS as Macintosh users...yeah!

Thanks so much for all your advice...I will read your other messages later -

Have a wonderful day everyone!

PS. Can someone go up on the AltaVista Translation Web Page and
translate Stefan's German message to English? That would be great fun
- you can do this on this web page:

AltaVista Translation Service on the Web (free)

And thanks for the message in German, Stefan!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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