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From:  joe martin
Date:  Fri Sep 29, 2000  6:38 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting at Gallaudet

Hi Valerie;

I went into the library and talked with Priscilla today. They seemed not to
have any idea what SW was even.I pulled up the website on their computer and
showed them. She asked if the dictionary was Signed English (sigh) I put in
a plug for SW; they took my e-mail address and told me they would keep me
posted about it.

I'm in Bob Johnson's Phonology class; a couple of weeks ago he gave a quick
overview of sign notation systems. gave us a 1-page handout on SW, dated
1989, was very dismissive (and I thought highly defensive as well. I kept my
mouth shut) He said he doesn't think it will catch on, and that he has never
met anyone that can read it. Which was funny since MJ Bienvenue was sitting
behind me, signing out the words to herself.....
I was sitting in the cafeteria yesterday looking at Charle's poem which I
printed out, when one of the Lx students came up and asked me what I was
doing. She didn't seem too receptive to signwriting, but anyway I read it
to her (signed it)we discussed some about poetry, etc. I use SW a lot, even
put it in one of my papers for Ceil Lucas--got no comment about that. There
is a bunch of stuff in the library; I detect Cecelia Smith's hand in that
perhaps? I'm having a really hard time at this place and I'm not in any
position to proselytize, but I keep my eyes open.

>From: Valerie Sutton
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>To: SignWriting List
>Subject: SignWriting at Gallaudet Bookstore....
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:32:05 -0700
>SignWriting List
>September 28, 2000
>Dear SW List Members:
>The Gallaudet bookstore will be reviewing our SW videos in October,
>and are considering carrying them in the Gallaudet bookstore.
>If you want Gallaudet to carry our SignWriting books and videos,
>please contact the Gallaudet Bookstore, to tell them that you are
>interested in SignWriting....
>From their point of view, they need to know if the SW books and
>videos will sell...
>I would appreciate your help!
>Write to:
>Gallaudet Bookstore
>c/o Gallaudet University Press
>800 Florida Avenue N.E.
>Washington, DC 20002-3695
>202.651.5488 / 202.651.5489
>Gallaudet University Press Online
>Maybe they would even want to publish some SignWriting materials
>themselves - who knows?!! ;-)
>If there is enough interest, they might take notice....

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