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From:  William MacGruder
Date:  Tue Oct 6, 1998  1:01 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Survey

Here's my take on this issue:

2_____ Lessons In SignWriting, Lesson 4: Finger Movements
followed immediate by Number 1 covering the same information

1_____ Learn to Write SW By Hand, Lesson One: Practice basic writing skills.
followed immediately by a short treatise in:

3____ Writing ASL Grammar, Lesson 2: Writing Spatial Comparisons
followed immediately by

4____ Deaf Opinions on SignWriting: 3 new articles added to the four already
focusing on Number 3

5____ New SW Literature: Advanced Reading, Reading Level 4: Goldilocks In ASL
Perhaps followed after about six months with a next higher level reading

William J. "Chip" McGruder

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