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From:  joe martin
Date:  Mon Oct 2, 2000  2:29 am
Subject:  Re: cued speech and SW flash-cards

Hi Stephan;
I'm totally amazed by your work. (as usual) I've been thinking abut these
face symbols, and I have a question. When I look at the mouth with air
streaming out of it, to me that says "aspiration." Voicing seems to me to
be associated with the vocal cords, as you describe with your "lock" symbol.
and I think aspiration isn't important in German, just as it isn't in
My viewpoint is that of a hearing linguist, so it is worlds away from what
your "little teachers" are seeing. I remember having a terrible time
figuring out what was meant by voiced/ voicless. Still, I wonder about
this; do you use both the air and the lock symbol? Is it confusing to have
air-out for voicing?
Mostly, I'm just amazed at what you are accomplishing. Exciting, isn't it??


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