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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 11, 2000  6:38 pm
Subject:  Deaf South African wins Silver Medal ;-))

SignWriting List
October 11, 2000

Dear SW List Members:
I became quite excited a couple of weeks ago, when I watched a
swimming race on television from the Olympics. A member of the Durbin
Deaf Community, a swimmer from Durbin, South Africa, won the Silver

As you know, our SignWriting Literacy Project is located in Durbin,
South Africa, at the Fulton School for the Deaf there. So even though
I was not sure of the Deaf swimmer's name, and I had no idea if he
knew SignWriting...I wrote to Ingrid Foggitt, the teacher there, to
ask her about this, and to congratulate the Durbin Deaf Community...

Here is Ingrid's wonderful response, which gave me a thrill!!

Val ;-)

PS. Ingrid - I know you are too busy to respond...That is OK..I just
HAD to share the good news with everyone...this story is important
because this is the first time, I believe, that a Deaf person has
competed in the "official Olympics", with hearing people ;-)))


Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 22:23:27 +0200

Hi Val and all.....

It has been AGES since I have been on SW list but I have been keeping up
with the Jones's by reading all thats going on. I have been swamped here in
the last few months but I will write a more comprehensive email very soon.
I haven't forgotten u guys!!! SW at Fulton School, Durban is still
progressing -- its slow as there is so much to learn!

Anyway, Terence Parkin is from Fulton School -- he was there since he was
3!!! When I was a student at Fulton, I remember him, a wee guy with these
HUGE feet and not knowing where he would be one day -- a silver at the
Olympics!!!! It was SUCH a proud moment for all of us at Fulton and we were
swamped with the media afterwards. Terence has a lot to be proud
of....words cannot convey just how much. Besides the silver, he is an
incredible person.....such a privilege to know him.

Will be in touch soon and will convey your SW best wishes to Terence when he
gets back to Durban next week!



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