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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 25, 2000  12:58 am
Subject:  INSTRUCTION: SignWriter 4.3

SignWriting List
October 24, 2000

Dear SW List:
The SignWriter Computer Program needs low-level memory to run.
Sometimes other software on your hard drive robs that low-level
memory, not leaving any for SignWriter to use ;-(

Here is what happens. You type "sw" to start SignWriter, and press "Enter".

This message appears on your screen:

"Not enough memory to run SignWriter".

This problem happens frequently on computers that are hooked into a
larger network. For example, at Gallaudet University, their computers
usually are networked. Sometimes the networking software uses all the
low-level memory, leaving no place for SignWriter.

Here is a question I received today from Gallaudet:


"Valerie -
I can't get SW4.3 to work. I've unzipped it, and got the "not enough
memory" message, changed it to DOS=LOW; nothing happens. Any advice?"


Yes... There is a way around this problem. Let me teach you
step-by-step with diagrams, and perhaps you can figure out what to do
next. Everyone's computer is configured differently, so you may have
to experiment a little.

Watch for the next message to the SW List...I will post an answer
with several .GIFs as illustrations...

Write again later if you still have questions - don't feel shy -
Everyone suffers from technical frustrations from time to time. I use
tech support for other programs often....That is how I learned
computers...I never went to a class. I learned by trial and error, by
reading manuals, and best of all, calling tech support hotlines!! ;-)

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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