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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Fri Oct 27, 2000  1:20 pm
Subject:  Re: SW helps to express students thoughts

Oh great! I think today I'll get Donny on the website for sign writing. I
printed out before for the kids on Cinderella, but the room is not all mine,
and the other teacher complained about it. Anyways, I'll try today to see if
I can get the SW downloaded. If you could send another workbook that would
be terrif!!! I'm not sure if I can use sign writing for Jessica. We think
she has Usher's Syndrome and she is losing her eyesight fast. Right now we
have her learning braille (and learning too). I thought about making special
cards for her. I made sign writing flashcards and the kids do very well with

Anyways, we will see what happens today.

Thanks a million:)
Nancy Cole

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