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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Tue Oct 31, 2000  3:54 pm
Subject:  Re: New SymbolBank Databases Online

Hi, Sorry I haven't be there for while. I had so many busy thng to do. I
just went to symbolbank... and already prnt out. I couldn't understand
what it meaning... with 2 different colums like here say symbol with
numbers, variaton and fill rotation.. Can you explain to me? Lourdes

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From: Valerie Sutton [SMTP:]
Sent: Saturday, October 28, 2000 12:30 PM
To: SignWriting List
Subject: New SymbolBank Databases Online

Dear SW List:

On this database web page:

SymbolBank Database 1

You will find a new file for Contact Symbols and Finger Movement Symbols:



Already on that web page are these files for download:



All of these databases are for programmers or others who need a
complete listing of all the symbols in SignWriting. I still have a
long way to go to complete the entire 1999 symbol set. Next are
movement arrows...

Have a wonderful day!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

Visit the SignWritingSite:

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