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From:  Ronald Zapien
Date:  Wed Oct 7, 1998  2:36 am
Subject:  Re: SW Levels, Not ASL Levels :-)

Sure does. I was wondering about that....:] Cheryl

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> 10/6/98
> Hi Everyone -
> Thanks for your great messages and I know I have a long list of messages to
> answer and I am looking forward to answering them later :-)
> I do want to share a piece of information. I just received a long distance
> phone call from someone interested in trying the SignWriting Literacy
> Project (SWLP) in another USA school system. So we talked about the project
> at length. They have one copy of the three little books that I gave to the
> SWLP participants this fall.
> It was terrific getting feedback over the phone! And in the phone
> conversation, I started to realize that the person thought that our Reading
> Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 are meant to be ASL Levels 1,2 ,3 ,4.
> No! Not at all! They are "SignWriting Levels", not "ASL Levels". There is a
> BIG difference. True, the books are written in ASL signs, but they are
> trying to encourage people to read and write the symbols themselves.
> I am assuming that the teachers already know ASL and have their own way of
> teaching it. And I hope they will develop their own books using
> SignWriting. That would be best.
> Teachers in other countries do that. They develop their own materials in
> SignWriting for their signed languages. But in the USA, people were not
> "taking that first step". So I tried to give them a little nudge, by
> starting the SWLP.
> I hope the teachers in the SWLP will feel free to give me all their
> feedback - negative feedback is good too - it can really help us improve -
> so don't feel shy to criticise - I am open to improvement and I look
> forward to it...
> So from the conversation on the phone, I have learned something. From now
> on, to make it clear, instead of saying "Reading Level One" I will say
> "SignWriting Level One". Does that seem better? What is your opinion?
> Valerie :-)
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