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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Nov 1, 2000  8:41 pm
Subject:  Re: INSTRUCTION: Typing SW Fingerspelling

On 11/1/00, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
>>>One suggestion that might help if you're having difficulty
>>>downloading, Dawn: If you're using Windows, click on the link with
>>>the right mouse button instead of the left one. If you're using a
>>>Mac, you can click and hold the mouse button instead of just
>>>releasing. A menu should come up that has an option for "Save Link
>>>As..." (Netscape) or "Save Target As..." (IE). Click on that, and
>>>you should get the option to save. What is causing this problem is
>>>that your Corel program wants to handle Zip files. Whether it can
>>>or not is another issue <<<

SignWriting List
November 1, 2000

Thanks Angus! As always, you give us great tips for working with
software...I did not know this myself...I am glad to know it....

This also shows how it pays to ask questions regarding computers and
software...the technology keeps changing and no one can keep up with
all the new details...

And while I am thinking of it, I also want to thank Jerry Spillman
and Julie Chang for helping us with Font work in the past. The Sutton
Fonts developed over time. They are designed by typographer Michael
Everson. Jerry (in Utah) and Julie (in San Diego) donated their time
awhile back, doing different jobs related to the font
development...It is much appreciated, Jerry and Julie!

Now Michael is working on the Japanese Fingerspelling Font. It is a
complicated keyboard because of the way they type in Japan, so we are
not quite done with that yet...and it may take some time before it is

Meanwhile, I will give more instruction soon...the fonts have
different uses depending on the job, and are a nice addition to your
computer, when creating word processing documents.

Best -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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