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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Nov 3, 2000  12:20 am
Subject:  Re: research about Deaf needing contact with Deaf

On 11/2/00, Robin Homesley wrote:
>>>I have gone through a lot of challenges (and I still am) in
>>>"finding" myself. I have many stories/experiences that supports
>>>the issue of being with other deaf/HoH people in order to be a
>>>whole person. Sorry this is so long, but I have lots of emotions
>>>tied up in this personally and with/for my students going through
>>>the same thing. Any questions or comments from/for me are
>>>welcomed. Robin <<<

SignWriting List
November 2, 2000

Hello Everyone, and Robin -

I am so glad you wrote today, Robin. I want you to know that you and
your school has been accepted into our SignWriting Literacy Project.
Thank you for your letter and web report, which I will be posting

Today I telephoned Lisa Akers, your Assistant Principal, and I told
Lisa I am sending two big white boxes to her by the
middle of next week you should have your materials for the kids!

I can well imagine you had a hard childhood as a hard-of-hearing
person. But you are pioneering with your own maybe you
can help solve some of those problems for future generations...

And I hope SignWriting can be a positive addition to your classroom ;-)

Best -

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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