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From:  Nancy Cole
Date:  Sat Nov 4, 2000  4:24 pm
Subject:  Signwriting Bible Translation

I have a student whose parents want me to teach their child the signwriting
bible.  I've finally figured out how to print it out and copy the files that
are in the signwriting bible site, and I even added pictures of my own to
make it more visual for my student.  I was wondering if there will be more
available soon?  She really learns fast, and her parents are thrilled.  The
school however does not permit this, so I'm doing this on my own and
commuting back and forth to her home.  Will there be more bible translations
soon?  I tried to write the email that was at the signwriting bible site, but
I haven't gotten a response.  Hopefully, this will get someones response ha!

Smile Everyone
Nancy Cole

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