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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Oct 7, 1998  6:34 am
Subject:  New SW History Video


The Deaf Perspectives on SignWriting
Video Series...Two Videos & Two Booklets

History of SignWriting
Video 2: How SignWriting Changed

Taken from the perspective of the Deaf people involved, Video Two is a
synopsis of how the writing system changed and improved, as more and more
Deaf people began to use SignWriting. Native signers skilled in SignWriting
discuss how they used the system in the 1980's and early 1990's.

This 30 minute video features George 'Butch' Zein, Lucinda Batch, Kevin
Clark, Denny Voreck, and Valerie Sutton, with guest appearances by Bernard
Bragg, and a special visitor from Saudi Arabia, Prince Abdul Aziz Al-Obaid,
who discusses recording Saudi Arabian Sign Language. Included is a booklet
transcribing the English on the video, plus diagrams showing examples of
the different writing styles.

History of SignWriting
Video 1: How Deaf Opinons Changed

Videotaped in Valerie Sutton's living room in 1994, four Deaf native ASL
signers, Lucinda Batch, Bonita Ewan, Kathleen Say, and Denny Voreck, give
their opinions on SignWriting. Seventeen minutes, in ASL, with English
voice-over. Includes a booklet with a transcription of the English on the


Valerie :-)


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