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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 12, 2000  3:55 pm
Subject:  INSTRUCTION: Typing Surface Symbols

On 11/9/00, SignNet-MCT-PUCRS wrote:
About our trouble in signs that are up or under a surface:
Here we've found another alternative (reading some new SW lessons),
but the question is "is there a symbol in Sign Writer? "

Thank you


SignWriting List
November 12, 2000

Hello Everyone -

I am glad you found the Surface Symbols in our Lessons Online! You
have chosen a good symbol -

The Surface Symbols are not included in the SignWriter 4.3 symbol
set....They exist in the writing system in general, but SignWriter
4.3 has limited memory, so we do not have all symbols in the program.

However, you can construct the Surface Symbols with SignWriter
4.3....piece by piece...

In SignWriter, the Sign Keyboard, up on the top row, the second key
from the right, there is a key with different lines and
can use the line plus a little curve to create the Surface Symbol.

Future program will include those symbols ;-)

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