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From:  Ronald Zapien
Date:  Thu Oct 8, 1998  12:42 pm
Subject:  Other uses for SW

Hi folks, this is a copy of an Email Valerie wanted the rest of you to
check out. Have a good day. Cheryl

>As you may know, I'm relatively new to ASL. What I'd really love to
>see, and would be willing to purchase is material on ASL grammar in
>signwriting so I can tangibly see it and not try to figure out what's
>happening at lightening finger flashing speed :]. I don't know how you

>feel about this, but I see it as a wonderful way to help folks who are
>learning ASL really take hold of the concepts (like parents). If I've
>heard it once, I've heard 1,000 times how parents slog through
>college classes to gain an understanding. I think what drove this home

>to me was when I had to "sound out" some of the SignWriting for my
>folks and I realized how n

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