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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Nov 12, 2000  9:34 pm
Subject:  Stefan: Please re-post your rules ;-))

On 11/10/00, Stefan Woehrmann wrote:
>Let me tell you that I agree completely with your spelling. I had a
>very close look at the "Lessons in SignWriting Textbook and Workbook
>" by Valerie Sutton. chapter 3 Hands Group 3 page 36 shows a long
>listing of various handshapes. I guess that Im influenced by the
>Parkhursts book which is a tremendous support in learning SW.
>For quite a while I decided to write the bentfingers the way you
>suggest it in your gif. I feel comfortable with that and my students
>ask me to mirror the hand if there are other spellings in my texts
>which I wrote months ago !

SignWriting List
November 12, 2000

Hello SW List, and Stefan -
Thanks for answering this message.

Could you please re-post the rules and diagrams you developed? Are
they exactly the same as Steve and Dianne Parkhurst's rules?

If so, then we can post those rules in our SW Lessons Online - I will
be happy to do that.

I plan to incorporate them into the Third Edition of the Lessons In
SignWriting Textbook...of course we all know that it will take time
for me to finish that book, so the web is the best place to put it
right now...

It sounds like Steve and Dianne in Spain, and Stefan in Germany, and
now Brazil...agree with each other! So that is good news....

I never established rules on that issue as you know. At the time the
Second Edition of our textbook was written, we simply said that if
the palm is white, you place your palm facing your chest and then
place the fingers in the position...and whether the fingers go to one
side or the other, it still means it is facing the chest...there was
never any rule as to which side to choose...

Meanwhile, as you know...there is another solution that is more
visual...but takes more memory in computers.

As you know, when the fingers project towards you or away from you,
they technically can be written with dots...I am sure you all know
that? That would solve the problem completely - as 3 dots coming
towards you would look exactly as it really looks in real life, but
the problem is that it creates hundreds of more symbols....I will
show you all in a future message....

So please re-post your rules with the diagrams Stefan!

Many thanks!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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