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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Nov 13, 2000  10:47 pm
Subject:  Re: INSTRUCTION: Typing SW Fingerspelling

On 10/31/00, Lourdes Tollette wrote:
>But as long as other person should have fingerspelling font in thier
>font folder... So other person can able to read ur fingerspelling
>font. If other person don't have fingerspelling font that will turn
>out ABC letters. :-) Lourdes

SignWriting List
November 13, 2000

Dear SW List, and Lourdes!

Yes. You are correct, Lourdes. The Fingerspelling Fonts are like
different font typefaces. For example, if you select this email
message with your mouse, you can change the type to different Helvetica, or Times Roman..or bold or italic etc..

So the Fingerspelling Fonts are like a different
select a paragraph of English, and then choose the Sutton font, and
the entire paragraph will change to fingerspelling...

It is fun!!

Just select this email message and change it to fingerspelling ;-)

If you have the US Fingerspelling font installed, then it will look like this:

Type: image/gif
Size: 10k

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